We help companies communicate with their customers.

Banners, widgets, and communication tools that make sure you don't become just another email in your customer's inbox.

A better way to keep your customers in the loop.

Emails get lost in inboxes. Our widgets allow you to easily create banners within your customer portal or app, so you can communicate with your customers where they already are.

Easy-to-create banners

Our customizable banners can be created in a matter of minutes and are displayed wherever you choose.

Manage without having to code

Once you have installed our widget, you can create, manage, and customize banners without having to touch code.

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Publish banners in a matter of seconds

Megaphone's goal is to make it so that when you need to communicate with a customer, you can do so without having to wait on developers or jump through hoops. Once installed, our app lets you create announcements with the click of a button.

Create announcements

Add a title, link, or whatever other info you want to be included in your announcement and create it with the click of a button.

Automatically display

When you create an announcement, the widget will automatically display that announcement at the time that you selected, no need to grab the devs.

Easy, non-technical install

Just copy and paste our widget into your site and you are good to go! Once the snippet is installed, you can control everything from within your customer portal.

Customer profile user interface

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